Suspension & Steering Systems

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Suspension and Steering

The primary function of your vehicles suspension is to provide stability while driving. This also allows the cars suspension to move independantly from the car and increasing stability. Any freeplay in the suspension componants result in reduced handling and excessive tire wear. A yearly wheel alignment is one way of making sure all front end componants are properly in line, thus reducing stress on these parts.

Steering Systems

Worn componants or excessive free play can affect the ability to control the wheel toe angle, resulting in loss of stability and uneven tire wear. The main components of a Conventional system are:

1. Steering Gear Box

2. Center Link

3. Pitman Arm

4. Idler Arm

5. Tie Rods

The main components of a Rack and Pinion steering system are:

6. Rack and Pinion Assembly

7. Bellows Boots

8. Tie Rods

9. Control Arms

10. Ball Joints

11. Springs (Coil or Leaf)

12. Shock Absorbers

13. Struts

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