High Speed Wheel Balancing

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tire vibration

High speed wheel balancing refers to mounting each tire individually on a machine that simulates high speed driving and indicates inbalances in the wheel and tire. Adding weight opposite to the high spots can balance the wheel and prevent excessive vibration from occuring.

How do I know if I need my wheels balanced?

Is your vehicle vibrating at high speeds, lets say, between 50 and 70 mph? If so, chances are good that your wheel is out of balance. One section of your tire could be heavier than the other because it’s endured more exposure to friction and heat from road. Come in for prompt, professional service—most people are very satisfied with the difference such a simple and inexpensive procedure can make. Look for these signs, and if you find either one, come see us:

Scalloped, erratic wear pattern on tires.

Vibration in steering wheel, seat, or floorboard at certain speeds.

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