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Why is the maintenance of belts and hoses so important ?

Your vehicles belts and hoses play an extremely important roll in making sure that your vehicles cooling, electrical components and engine timing are all functioning properly.

Belts and Hoses are some of the most vulnerable components in your vehicle, here are some contributing factors :

Over exposure to weather conditions



Wear and tear

That’s why regular inspections are so important. Here are the belt and hose types in your car, along with their applications.

Accessory Drive Belts

While some accessories in your car are electrically powered by the charging system, others use the engine itself as their power source. The power for these accessories is delivered by a system of pulleys and belts. Examples of these accessories are:


Water Pump for engine cooling

A/C Compressor

Radiator Cooling Fan

Power Steering Pump

Late model cars often use a single serpentine belt to repair individual belts to drive these accessories


Hoses circulate your car’s fluids from their pumps to appropriate areas of need, the hoses are often made of two layers of rubber with a layer of fabric in between. Here are some examples of hoses you may find in your vehicle :

Radiator and Heater Hoses – These hoses circulate coolant to the engine and heater core.

Fuel Hose – As the name implies, this hose transports gasoline from the tank to the engine.

Power Steering Hose – It connects the power steering pump to the steering gear.

Timing Belt

Timing belts are a regular part of maintenance as per your vehicles manufacturer recommendation’s. Most vehicles timing belt service are recommended around 90,000 miles, but referring to OEM maintenance schedule is recommended. Servicing your timing belt and components like tensioners, pulleys and in some cases water pumps will provide you with confidence as your vehicle crosses over in to the 100,000 mile range.

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