Vehicle warranty fact sheet!

Facts about Factory & Extended Warranties   Recently i was going to purchase a vehicle from a local dealership (no i wont say which one), not knowing that i own an auto repair shop they said something that concerned me. Prior to purchase it was stated that my factory warranty would be void if i had the vehicle serviced at another shop, that they offered maintenance packages and a few free oil changes to “protect me” against voiding it. I nicely told them that this Continue reading →

Our Mission Statement

Feldman Auto Repair of St Augustine Promise To Consumers Feldman Auto Repair is a family owned and operated local business is St Augustine, FL. Our core mission is to earn our customers trust with every visit by making sure your vehicle is in excellent working order, putting safety first and ensuring that your repair is priced fairly. We treat our customers with the honesty, integrity and provide the quality that they deserve, because anything less is simply not acceptable. We service all makes and model Continue reading →

A/C check and system charge

Automotive Air Conditioning Repair St Augustine Don’t let this be you this summer, if your a/c system is blowing warm or not as cold as it used to, come in to Feldman Auto Repair for a free a/c system check up. If your vehicle is in need of a system charge we offer that service for $114.95, this includes the system charge, dye injection to check for leaks, vacuum test and diagnosis if necessary. Fair prices on AC compressor, evaporator core and condenser replacement. Quality Continue reading →

Feldman Auto Repair Now Accredited

Feldman Auto Repair in St Augustine is now accredited with the Better Business Bureau. This is an honor that we take very seriously. Our goal is to provide top notch repair services while staying extremely focused on the customer service aspect of the automotive repair business. Thank you all for your business and for those who have not been here before, we look forward to earning your trust with every visit.