Local Business Spotlight

local business spotlight

We at Feldman Auto Repair firmly believe that small business is what drives our local economy here in St Augustine. Many companies have approached us in the past to charge us a fee and join their “local business network”, as much as we appreciate the idea of the network we feel like this is something local business’s should be doing for each other at NO charge.

So the idea of our local business spot light evolved from our weekly oil change video, at least once a month we like to have the owner of a local business in St Augustine join us on our oil change giveaway contest video and talk briefly about the services that they offer. Our main goal in doing this is to bring more awareness of your company to the local consumers and help our fellow local business’s thrive in this very competitive environment.

If you are interested in joining our local business spot light, please contact Mike or Gary at (904) 217-0865

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!