Dont “Fall” Behind On Your Vehicle Maintenance !!

Fall Car Care Tips, St Augustine FL

As the seasons change and the weather get cooler, proper vehicle maintenance can help save you time and money. As always safety and preventative maintenance are our top concerns. Here are 5 easy Fall maintenance tips:


1) Have your battery inspected, particularly if it is over 3 years old. The harsh heat of the summer can weaken the battery and then the cooler weather in the fall/winter may prevent the vehicle from starting if it is weak enough. Stop on in at the shop and we will load test your battery, starting and charging system free of charge.

2) Change your wiper blades !. Your wiper blades should be clearing the windshield with out streaking, if they are streaking or torn come on in for a quick and easy wiper replacement.

3) Check your air filters, over the spring and summer months pollen, dust and humidity are caught in the engine air and cabin air filters. Both of the these filters should be replaced annually around this time to prevent loss of fuel economy (engine air filter) and bad odors / allergens in the vehicle (cabin air filter. Both filters can be replaced here at the shop and if you are unsure if you need new filters, we offer free inspection.

4) Inspect your tires for proper air pressure, condition and depth. Tires are the most important, frequently overlooked safety maintenance item on your vehicle. The summer months are particularly hard on tires, the heat expands the air inside often causing over inflation. Dry rotting starts to develop from a combination of heat, expansion and improper tire pressure. The heat of the summer makes roads hotter than other times of the year, this heat makes rubber softer and tires wear at a faster pace. In the fall months the tires need to be inspected to ensure that they are in good working order for the cooler months ahead. We always offer free tire inspection and pressure checks !

5) Coolant service (winterizing), as coolant ages it loses its ability to prevent freezing and / or gelling at lower temperatures. Using a hydrometer our technicians can test the condition of your coolant to make sure you are all set for the winter.

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