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Happy Holidays from Feldman Auto Repair!!!

We will be closed from December 26th & reopening on January 2nd for a shop holiday vacation !   If you have any issues with your vehicle while we are closed, feel free to have the vehicle brought to the shop, leave in a parking spot and fill out our drop box envelope, place the keys in the envelope and through the mail slot. We will check the vehicle and advise as we return from break.   Lastly but definitely most important we want to Continue reading →

Your vehicle warranty fact sheet! Who to Trust ?

Facts about Factory & Extended Warranties   Recently i was going to purchase a vehicle from a local dealership (no i wont say which one), not knowing that i own an auto repair shop they said something that concerned me. Prior to purchase it was stated that my factory warranty would be void if i had the vehicle serviced at another shop, that they offered maintenance packages and a few free oil changes to “protect me” against voiding it. I nicely told them that this Continue reading →

Brake Repair & Maintenance / Saint Augustine Florida

Brake Repair & Maintenance : A Saint Augustine community guide You are driving down the road and come to a stop, there is a squeak, a scraping noise or a shaking sensation. This is the scenario that most customers experience that lead them to our shop. At that point a test drive and visual inspection reveals that there may be a brake pad worn to the sensor, to the metal or the vehicle has a warped brake rotor/drum. These three scenarios all have 2 things Continue reading →

Foreign Vehicle Maintenance & Repair 

When it comes to the repair of foreign vehicles you want to make sure that the repair facility you choose has the experience and know how to get the vehicle repaired in the most efficient manner possible. Where foreign vehicle differ from domestics in many ways is the access to the on board computer diagnostics that are required on modern systems. At Feldman Auto Repair we maintain the updated versions of the appropriate software for your BMW/MINI, Volkswagen/AUDI, Mercedes and Volvo. This allows our technicians Continue reading →

Get Your Vehicle Ready For Fun In The Sun / 1234YF / R134A

Summer in St Augustine Florida can take its toll on your vehicle. Here are some tips from us at Feldman Auto Repair on how to get the most out of your vehicle during these hot months. Weak A/C systems are likely to fail if not properly maintained during the summer months, if your A/C performance is not what it used to be come in for a free check and if needed an A/C service may save you money in the long run. Check your coolant Continue reading →

Feeling hot ? Get your A/C checked & charged today!

Automotive Air Conditioning Repair St Augustine Don’t let this be you this summer, if your a/c system is blowing warm or not as cold as it used to, come in to Feldman Auto Repair for a free a/c system check up. If your vehicle is in need of a system charge we offer that service for both R134A & the newer 1234YF systems, this includes the system charge, dye injection to check for leaks, vacuum test and diagnosis if necessary. Fair prices on AC compressor, Continue reading →

Be Car Care Aware Today With Feldman Auto Repair!

We are proud to announce that Feldman Auto Repair is now a member of the Car Care Counsel for 10 years! We are listed on CARCARE.ORG, helping the Car Care Council spread knowledge of proper maintenance of vehicles  and look forward to organizing  Free Maintenance Inspection Events in the future. Like us on Facebook to receive tips on how you can BE CAR CARE AWARE IN ST AUGUSTINE and visit Feldman Auto!

Florida Car Care & Maintenance Schedule & Tips

General Service Schedule Mechanics/Technicians and auto repair professionals agree that the key to keeping vehicles running well over the long term is scheduled routine maintenance. Many drivers fall short of their maintenance schedules. When the Car Care Council polled during maintenance inspections they found : 25% of cars had low or dirty engine oil. 13% had low or contaminated brake fluid. 18% had dirty air filters. 17% had inadequate cooling protection or low coolant levels. 16% needed new windshield wiper and 27% had low or contaminated washer fluid. 18% needed new belts Overall, 89% of Continue reading →